How AVL Works

Let's Do This

Corporate owned lab chains have dominated the veterinary landscape for decades, bringing corporatized medicine with them. And, sweeping consolidation has nearly eliminated independent laboratories, leaving veterinarians with little choice.


But that’s just changed.


At AVL, we empower independent veterinarians to practice medicine the way it was intended – without restrictions, without repercussions and without compromising patient care.


AVL exists because of independent veterinarians like you. After hundreds of veterinarians asked for an alternative to corporate laboratories, AVL was conceived. Today, AVL offers independent veterinary practitioners two beneficial options:


As an OWNER-CUSTOMER, independent veterinarians will:


As a CUSTOMER, independent veterinarians will:


Even if you’re in a long-term corporate contract, you can work with AVL. Our laboratory and resources keep clinics independent, competitive and sustainable. Call us to learn more.

What Defines Us