Why Own?

AVL Strong

Does your diagnostic laboratory offer your clinic long-term security? Or, protection from consolidation and competition? Does your diagnostic laboratory provide an ROI? If your answer is no, then it’s time to re-examine your laboratory service provider.


AVL was founded by independent veterinarians who have decades of experience as practitioners and who believe that consolidation is not in the best interest of the veterinary community.


By using or sharing ownership in AVL, independent veterinarians assume control of their profits and privacy. AVL is a national, full-service, high-touch, high tech, contract-free diagnostic laboratory that is supported by independent veterinarians like you.


AVL is not just another lab making false promises while extracting more revenue from your clinic.


AVL has a voice and a face, and it’s yours.


Stop Funding Your Competitors

Corporate laboratories are growing at your expense. Literally.


Your lab fees are funding corporate acquisitions of veterinary hospitals, raising corporate stock prices, and fueling corporate control of the diagnostic laboratory market estimated to become $10 billion by 2026.


Don’t think that matters? Think you’re getting a deal for lab services? Well, think again. Here’s an A-to-Z guide that shows how corporate laboratories are leveraging your practice to grow their business, limit your options and expand their presence, and lower your profitability to increase their bottom line.

Stop funding the corporate giants. Join a diagnostic lab owned by independent veterinarians. Receive an ROI, and invest in your practice.